1. Additional Remote Controller

Infrared RGB 44 Key 750W
Standard max. 100 feet

Infrared RGB 44 Key 600W
Professional max. 100 feet

RF RGB 24 Key 1500W
Professional max. 330 feet


RF RGB 23 Key 1200W
Professional max. 330 feet Outdoor


Multi Color, 110V SMD 5050  (20 leds/ft) IP-68 Waterproofed, flexible LED strip Light, with 2 x Remote Controller.


SMD 5050 full submersible IP-68 waterproofed lights

Plug and Play

No hassle up to 330 Ft (100 Meter) Roll
***Environmental friendly, Energy saving.***
For all RGB Multi Color...Remote Control included.

Multi Color : SMD 5050 RGB+W, Daylight White, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Warm White, etc...
Single Color : SMD 3528, Daylight White, Red, Green, Blue, Warm White

Size of LEDs: 3528 (3.5mm*2.8mm) 5050 (5mm * 5mm)
Maximum Length: 330 feet
LEDs Quantity: 20/ft (total 6000/330 feet)
Working Voltage: 110-120 V AC
Waterproof: Yes IP-68 (Not Included Power Adapter)

Product Description:
Can be removed and reused, No Sticky back side

Waterproof. IP 68. Can be used in outdoor.
Easy Installation. Plug and play without wiring.
Flexible. Slim, compact and flexible PCB strip. Applicable for bendable or angled patterns, or in continuous rows.
Cuttable and linkable. It can be cut in every 1.64ft/0.5m meter along the cutting marks, without damaging the rest strips.
Components Saving. Can be directly connected into main supply, no power adapter, transformer or driver is required.
Power plug is included.
High Voltage. Low voltage drop. More little light attenuation, well-distribute lighting in the whole 330 ft strips.
Reduce re-lamp frequency. Lifespan is over 50,000 hrs. Save effort and labor costs on changing lights frequently.
Eco-Friendly. No lead or mercury.

Please don't plug the strip without unrolling it.
The Lights are 110V, they should be handled and installed by a knowledgeable person, or Electrician.

Widely used for Interior decorations such as at Home, Hotel, Clubs, Shopping Malls, etc. . .
Popularly applied in back-lighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting, advertisement sign lighting, emergency lighting
Decorative lights for Party, Event, Shows, Exhibitions and so on.
Not only can be cut in sections, but also can run up to max 164 feet with only one power plug.
It is convenient and cost-saving for large outdoor projects, Christmas, Outdoor decoration, Swimming pool etc...
Package Includes:
Waterproof LED Strip
with Power Plug OR Remote controller (Main Power)

"When a manufacturer says that an LED lamp will last 50,000 hours, what the company actually means is that at that point, the light emanating from that product will be at 70 percent the level it was when new."