Professional Grade 16.5 ft, Cool White, Warm White, SMD 5630 LED Light Strip - 300 LEDs, Weatherproofed, IP-65

PLUG'n PLAY, No wiring required, Comes prewired with Switch OR Motion sensor and Adaptor, for easy installation, Adhesive Tape on the back (Peel'n Stick).

Interior/Exterior, Cove Lighting, Under cabinet, Toe kick and Kitchen Drawer, Work Light, Perfect for Kitchen remodeling etc...

Fully Dimmable with LED compatible dimmer/controller
16.5 ft (5 Meter) Roll can be cut every three LEDs (Two Inches)
Compatible with all 5630 LED style connectors, extensions and accessories
Rated IP-65 (Weatherproofed).

Strongest, most energy efficient Chip in the Industry.
Easy installation (no holes no Tools no cutting).
Low voltage 12V (No permitting required).
Long lasting brightness 75,000 hours
Power Supply, 12V 2/ 5Ampere.

Package Includes:
1 X 16.5ft SMD 5630 LED Strip Warm/Cool White
1 X 12" ON/OFF Switch OR PIR Motion Sensor (Pre Installed)
1 X 12V 5Amp Power Supply Adaptor
1 X 10' Roll 3/8" 3M VHB double sided Automotive Tape (sticks to any dry surface)

12V 5Ampere 60W $ 29.99.-



"When a manufacturer says that an LED lamp will last 75,000 hours, what the company actually means is that at that point, the light emanating from that product will be at 70 percent the level it was when new."