Professional 16.5 ft,Cool, Warm White, SMD 5630 LED Light Strip - 300 LEDs, Waterproofed IP-65

Strongest, most energy efficient Chip in the Industry. Replaces T8 Fluorescent Tubes.


Specification (Per Chip):
SMD LED: 5630
Dimensions (mm x mm): 5.6 x 3.0
Power (watt): 0.5
Flux (lumen): 40-55
Intensity (candela): 18.4
Beam angle (degree): 120 
Efficacy (min) lm/w: 80
Efficacy (max) lm/w: 110

Based on average 20 x 80W Fluorescent Bulbs (12 hours Usage):
Investment for LED Replacement: $240.00
Current Electric Cost Per Month: $74.88
Electric Cost Using LEDs Per Month: $22.46
Energy Savings Per Month: $52.42
Total Energy Savings: $7280.00
Total Bulb Replacement Savings: $-15625.00
Break-even Point: 4.58 months
Total Savings Using LED Bulbs: $-8345.00
Return on Investment: -3577.08%

Fully Dimmable with LED compatible dimmer/controller
16.5 ft (5 Meter) Roll can be cut every three LEDs (Two Inches)
Compatible with all 5630 LED style connectors, extensions and accessories
Rated IP-65 (Waterproofed).

Adhesive Tape on the back.
Easy to install, long lasting brightness but low voltage(12V).