12V/24V Marine Drain Plug Light IP-68, Made in U.S.A

Available Colors: Red, Green, Blue, White

starting at $ 33.99.-


9x3W Super Strong Drain Plug Light

The Lense is made of high grade clear epoxy





16.5ft 12V SMD 5050 RGB IP-67 and IP-68

Available Colors: RGBW

starting at $ 68.99.-


Strongest 5050 Multi color available


IP-67 High grade Non fading silicon layer with with double sided sticky tape

IP-68 high grade Non fading full silicon jacket with 2 year warranty

SMD 5050 Chip real.2W per chip, with gold-plated PCB Board connectors





12V Marine and Automotive 4ft SMD 3528 StripsIP-68

Available Colors: Red, yellow, Blue, White

starting at $ 22.99.-


Strongest most flexible 4ft led strip

fully enclosed in suoer strong 1/8" thick silicon.

Can be bend in almost any shape